Red Anime Fanny Pack and Shorts Combo

Rs. 1,199.00 SKU: UPF3126

Urban Pitara Fanny Pack and Shorts Combo - peppy combination of utterly gorgeous products that blast awesomeness; perfectly paired to look stunning; picked by our best designers to make you look - you.

Specimen 1 - Urban Pitara Shorts - great for day to night; from the poolside, to skateboarding, to a dinner party. Or a long day at work or the airport – designed to be worn all day and everywhere; just slip em on sneakers.

Specimen 2 - Urban Pitara Fanny Pack - sophisticated and stylish; call it a waist pouch that can store the universe; ample space for all of your on-the-go necessities; easy open-and-close layout makes finding and sorting your essentials a breeze.

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