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Terms and Conditions

After receiving an order, our team will reach the customer to confirm the order via contact number shared. If the shared number and address is serviceable (appropriate) the order will be confirmed and put into processing.

If the contact number is incorrect or the address is incomplete, the order will not be confirmed and will be considered cancelled.

If a customer once rejects/cancels an order at time of delivery (In any circumstances) then the customer will not be provided cash on delivery service in future, and if he/she still intends to buy from Urban Pitara then he/she will have to opt for prepaid order(online payment) else the order will not be processed.

Urban Pitara holds the right to reject any of its service or material or both to any customer.

Urban Pitara holds the right to cancel any order, post-paid (cash on delivery) or prepaid (online payment with full refund) with no explanations to anyone.